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Shenzhen Vigorhood Electronics Co., LTD is incorporated in 1996 and has been experienced fast growth within recent years. Our major products are Electric paper shredder, Laminator and electric stapler. As a leading professional paper shredder manufacturer, we have a range of paper shredders catering to different market demands. We always bring new models with more powerful function or unique features to the worldwide market while we keep old models going on. Most of these models possess our own patents and ...
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Company: Keen Power Technology
Contact: Mr. sharky gao
Address: no 7 building, nangang 2nd industrial zone, nanshen disctrict
Postcode: 518108
Tel: 27652735
Fax: 27652582
Homepage: http://vigorhood.com


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Tel : 27652735 Fax : 27652582
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